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WISHBONE Synopsis:

At the age of nine, growing up in the French countryside, Julien Grenier witnessed the brutal murder of his grandfather. Now at forty-five, he continues to be plagued by horrific nightmares and reenactments of that tragic event.

Living a successful though austere lifestyle on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Julien has recreated himself, building emotional walls that even his young wife cannot penetrate.

Though somewhat moody, Julien is a good man with a heart of gold and a great sense of loyalty and responsibility; enabling his wife Rachael, to turn a blind eye to his tightly-kept secrets.

Rachael is thirty-two years old; an art dealer and playful free spirit, but after a home invasion assault leaves her emotionally unstable and destroys their care-free and content world, they relocate to a safer environment with the hope of a fresh start.

Kings Hollow is a quaint town, nestled in the serene mountains of upstate New York. At first, their new home appears to be the miracle they prayed for, until a traditional children's game begins to destroy their bliss; Rachael is no longer herself and Julien is experiencing a string of bad luck and unfortunate accidents.

At the center of it all is seventeen-year-old Sarah, a part-time caretaker of the property.

Can Julien and Rachael escape the nightmare of Kings Hollow...or is that just Wishful thinking?


A Manhattan power couple survive a tragedy and attempt a fresh start only to be plagued by unexplained and disastrous careful what you wish for.

WISHBONE is a multi-layered thriller incorporating several sub-plots; in the vein of THE SIXTH SENSE, SHUTTER ISLAND and THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Mind-bending Horror at it's best, Brooklyn Hudson takes you on a suspenseful roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil and shocking events. ~}} Kohler

....Some Wishes Should Never Be Made

Let's begin with the @BrooklynHudson_ #Author of #Horror #Thriller #Wishbone LIVE TWITTER'VIEW

Dragonheart: Welcome Brooklyn, how are you this evening?

Brooklyn:Very well, TY! And TY for having me. This is a really great idea and I wish you much luck with it. I'm excited!

Dragonheart: Tell us, please, about your current project. 

Brooklyn:  I just released a new #ShortStory; a #Psychological #Thriller #Screenplay on #Kindle called "ON CALL" 

Dragonheart: What sparked the idea for this project?

Brooklyn: Sometimes technology is creepy and in paranoid moments, I wonder if Big Brother isn't trying to watch us in everything we do. Also, the thought that we are so afraid of the dead when we really should be more afraid of the living.

Dragonheart: Can you tell us how you choose the covers for your books?

Brooklyn: I prefer my covers to look more like movie posters. I was a screenwriter first.

Dragonheart: Music seems to influence a lot of writers, can you tell us what music influences you?

Brooklyn: Anything and everything prior to 1993 (has potential to) inspire me at one time or another. I lean toward Rock and Oldies tho. 

Dragonheart: How do you handle writers block?

Brooklyn: I've never experienced "writers block"; only writer's procrastinaton...I remind myself the light bill's coming due.

Dragonheart: Yes, those pesky bills. Who has been your greatest influence?

Brooklyn: #StepehnKing #PeterBenchley #WilliamPeterBlatty #MichaelCrichton #StephenSpielberg #PennyMarshall #NoraEphron #KathyBates 

Dragonheart: Do you have a muse?

Brooklyn: Depends on the project. For #WISHBONE it was a friend who inspired the character of “Julien Grenier”.

Dragonheart: What one subject is TABOO in your writing?

Brooklyn: Religion; it bores me. I can't do the "Period Piece" thing either. 

Dragonheart: Understood! What do you do when you aren't working?

Brooklyn: I am an admitted Reality Show Junkie. I also watch films, play guitar, read, listen to music, enjoy my fur-babies.

Dragonheart: Tell us, just a little, about your fur-babies, please.

Brooklyn: Christo-fur, a Chihuahua/Jack Russel who is now 17y/o. A stray cat who has claimed me named Meadow, and WILLOW, my 
squirrel who lives in the house FREE just like a dog. Notice they are ALL named for characters from #TheSopranos ;)


Dragonheart: Awesome! If there was one book you wish you'd written, which would it be?

Brooklyn:Gotta say, CUJO; it’s the reason I write today.

Dragonheart: One of my favorites. What is your greatest passion?

My GREATEST Passions are probably #Screenwriting and #Directing.


Behind the camera too, sounds like fun. What one word best describes you?

Brooklyn: LOL...uh...Tenacious ;)

Why tenacious?

Brooklyn: I never do anything small or halfway. All or nothing, Go BOLD OR GO HOME! And, no matter what, I ALWAYS GET BACK ON THE HORSE!

Dragonheart: What do you do to relax?

Brooklyn:Watch a movie or something on my dvr - usually reality show contests...LOL Idol, Project Runway, Face-Off, Top Chef, you name it!

Dragonheart: Is there any one, current, tv show that is can't miss for you?

Brooklyn: #CelebrityApprentice – it’s my ONLY reason to ever hope to be famous. I would play for Senior Dog Rescue. Anyone who dumps an old dog after yrs of loyalty should be left in a BAD nursing home w/out visitors. I'd sooner live in my car.

Dragonheart: Money is no object, where do you go?

Brooklyn: I build my DREAM Cabin in Maine on a lake...with a REALLY LARGE WALL around the property and a camera at the gate.

Dragonheart: Tell us the first two books on your TBR list.

Brooklyn: I just bought the EXORCIST on Kindle; haven't read that in two decades. Also, UNDER THE DOME; still haven't read that.

Dragonheart: Both great books! Can you tell us how you choose character names?

Brooklyn: Ya know, they come to me immediately. I never search or have to think about character names. Somehow they're born WITH names.

Dragonheart: Wow! Tell us one thing we may not know about you.

Brooklyn: Ummmm....I write, produce, and direct Replica-Rock stage shows for Las Vegas Showrooms and Touring Companies.

Dragonheart: If you could change places with one of you characters, would you. Who would it be and why?

Brooklyn: Yes. Man, it would be really interesting to be Sarah....all that power!

Dragonheart: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Brooklyn: Many things, but more than anything, a respected author & film director.

Dragonheart: Final question: Of the 7 Deadly Sins, which one have you committed most recently?

GLUTTONY! Have you tasted those Pizza Slider from Pizza Hut yet? Oy! So greasy and disgusting; I'm addicted.

Dragonheart: Sounds yummy, but I'm dieting, so no! :-(  I believe you can do whatever you set your mind to. Thank you for your time, it has been a pleasure.

Brooklyn: The pleasure was all mine. So much fun! TY for this opportunity. Come visit my blog at:

All dressed up and no where to go! 


  1. Debby, what a great and fun Twitter'view! Thank you so much for having me. I look forward to tuning in to your future Twitter'views! An awesome service you're providing for authors to promote their work.

    xx, Brooklyn

  2. Thank you for being the guinea pig! It was fun! Thank you for all your help, without which, none of this would be possible.

  3. What a great idea!
    I enjoyed the interview and love that you do this for authors.
    Thank you!

  4. Great interview!

  5. Great interview with Brooklyn. I've read both Wishbone and On Call, both superb stories
    Sherrie Lowe

    1. Thank you so much, Sherrie! I hope we'll be seeing a Twitter'view of yours here soon.

      xx, B

  6. Thank you Sherrie! I couldn't agree more!


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